In da house

Lateness of homegoing these days has been such that any passably bloggable thoughts that come to me stays in my head, then goes poof when I do the wakey. So I end up having nothing to say when I manage to get in front of the ol’ home ‘puter. And quite often post links I chance upon instead. So. Ahem.

Here’s another foregone conclusion masquerading as a scientific survey: Musical taste ‘swayed by peers! And all along I thought preferences were shaped in a vacuum. Not sure if I’ve made this point before, but I am deeply grateful to be able to shaken, stirred, swayed and sustained by music. Not just any kind of music, though. And I have passing fancies and passionate phases that submerge right into my musical beliefs.

Right now, I’m on a delectably lively and highly affordable diet of Hindi film music. Started listening to the lauded Bluffmaster soundtrack today, which is actually a different kettle of fish altogether. Done by some guy called Trickbaby (no time or inclination to check whosit whatsit on the net, yet), it’s all remixy and stuff, though interesting enough. I may become obsessed with the first song, “Sabse Bada Rupaiyya/Bluffmaster!”.

After listening to a colleague perform a DJ-ing gig full of ‘house’ music at the well-aired Loof tonight, I can feel a bit of a tug and pull at my horizons again. What she played was not something I can embrace wholeheartedly, but when a face is placed on a hitherto derided/unknown quantity, I tend to give it a chance. Rationalisation? All the time. But why not leave a bit of room in your heart/mind for something new-ish.


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