Right in my sockets

Before popping back to life post-Chinese New Year, I feel I should make a bit of a response to the charming film committee member quoted in this article about Paheli not receiving an Oscar nomination. I’m not defending the film’s merits. It’s just this:

“We look at the films from the American point of view,” the Academy’s foreign language film committee member said. “What happens (in Bollywood films) is that in the middle of the scene suddenly (the actors) start jumping up and dancing and singing, which, to us, is ridiculous. When we see an Indian film and that happens, we don’t know how to react to it. That’s the problem.”

Made me roll my eyes right outta the sockets, I can tell you. Aren’t “American” films the very first ones that did this “jumping up and dancing and singing”? Don’t blame other cultures influenced by your colonising art form for the lack of sophistication in your artistic palate, man (or woman).


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