Maine Pyar Kiya (1989): A coo coo kind of love

53. Maine Pyar Kiya (1989) — Watching this movie halfway, it suddenly struck me that if I ever had kids behaving like the “I looooove you” couple, I would smack them up their heads and send them in for counselling. Actually, not just this movie, but every movie that has teens falling in love and acting nutso, committing themselves to hard labour to prove their love, etc. It would freak me out in real life, honestly. Now, the movie itself — I have to say Salman Khan is much more believable as a romantic hero here than in its alleged mirror image, Maine Pyar Kyun Kiya. In fact, I imagine I spotted a bit of his rash streak in his portrayal. And I suppose his shirt-losing days started right from the beginning. The lead actress, Bhagyashree, has a refreshingly modern ‘look’ while wrapped in ye olde traditional norms (loyalty, duty, wifely, etc). The supporting stalwarts, Alok Nath and Reema Lagoo, did their thang beautifully. The soundtrack was a few songs too many for me, they melded into one another after a while. My mom thought it was going to be one of those girl-gets-betrothed-to-someone-else movies, and was tickled when it was otherwise. Well … I guess I just wasn’t overpowered by this movie in any way, it was more like a 3-hour time-pass thing. I suspect it’s mostly because I’m way past the age where teenaged love enraptures (well, bits of Romeo and Juliet can still do the job). Getting creaky with age!


6 thoughts on “Maine Pyar Kiya (1989): A coo coo kind of love

  1. Yeah the likeability of this movie depends on the age you first saw it at. I had absolutely loved this movie back ‘in the day’. Bhagyashree became my favourite actress instantly, and the way she used “hum” instead of “mein”, and the way she looked so innocent just blew me away.

    And Salman actually looked ok in this movie.

    Did I mention Bhagyshree had long hair in the movie? ;)

  2. You know hindi or do you rely on subtitles? Tho knowing hindi is not required given the loud expressions on the faces of the characters in hindi movies. What is the count for? the number of hindi movies u’ve seen?


  3. //Yeah the likeability of this movie depends on the age you first saw it at. I had absolutely loved this movie back ‘in the day’.

    Haha! Against my wishes, I have to actually agree with Sahil here. When we watched this movie ‘back in the days’, my friends and I went nuts over everything! The cap, the plaster thingie with the ‘I love you so much it hurts’, the way he surprised her by turning up on her birthday, etc. etc.

    And I also identified so much with the whole saying ‘hum’ thing! :)

  4. And oh, Sahil’s point about long hair reminds me of the scene where Prem teases Suman by asking his mother to find him a girl who’s exactly the opposite of Suman.

    “Uske baal lambe bilkul na ho, chhote chhote ho. Woh salwar kameez bilkul nahin pehne, pehne toh bas midis, minis!”

    Sheesh! I think I match his description! :O

  5. Sahil, ooh yeah, Salman Khan was proportionate in this movie, he he. I liked how Suman was both uber grounded in her culture and smart as a pin.

    Tinku, warning: long reply ahead! I rely on subtitles, definitely, although I’ve picked up a wee bit of Hindi, so a good delivery of a line means something to me. And unsubtitled songs aren’t completely lost on me any more — I used to just skip over them in the early days, e.g. with Hum Tum, cos Bollywood song lyrics are mostly story-oriented, so it seemed like a waste of the song and of my time to sit through it uncomprehendingly. Also, I find that even in movies with very excessive “expressions”, not knowing the story would irk me so much I can’t bear to watch it for long — a completely silent movie like Pushpak is a major exception! The count is for the number of Hindi films I’ve given my two cents on. :)

    Sayesha, yeah, I liked that description of his non-dream girl. Though you didn’t immediately pop to mind! Didn’t the bad-turned-thoughtful girl, daughter of the evil dude, look amazingly like Jennifer Grey (of Dirty Dancing fame — the movie!).

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