Where’s the music, dude?

Rant Alert ON
Weirdest thing. Pepsi just had a bit of a triumph over Coke in the world domination game. Either way it bodes continuing ill for kiddies everywhere. Sugared water, skewered gums. While I wouldn’t go so far as to agree that artistes who peddle colas are in league with the devil (them’s not in the same league as nicotine but certainly capable of major damage — on the other hand, diabetes is just as lethal a silent killer as lung cancer), I doubt many of those shiny stars gave due consideration to what they’re advertising before signing on the dotted line. I ain’t excusing Mr Chou either (don’t get me started on the seeming glorification of violence in one of his latest MVs).

Yes, he’s a Beng Hero, and he ain’t afraid to stare it out

Advertising in general — e-veel. Some may be gorgeous, tickle all the right bones or make knowing nudges and winks, but one’s gotta admit that the motivation behind the genre is way beyond mere information provision. It’s that dang consumerism that drives our world again.
Rant Alert OFF


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