Hee haw to all

Laid low low low and much overfed by the flu in the past week. Had varied, vivid dreams, all of which twirled me around and freaked me out. Diggity dang, even dreamt I was an X-Man (and there was some screeching, frothing harridan called Hera — reminded me of meself, some). Caught up on DVDs (8 I can borrow from the library till the end of January). Caught up with choir mates on Christmas Eve. Caught up with much sleep. Even managed to have NO work to do half an hour before workday’s end yesterday (that is, Christmas’s vigil)! Weird feeling. Well, enough dithering, I’m off to catch up on reading. Days in a darkened room makes one think upon one’s foibles and frailties with a sobering depth. A blessed Christmas to all. May your syntax work out fine.

Plus, Joss Whedon interviewed by the Guardian! Hee.


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