Virasat (1997): This land is our land

49. Virasat (1997) — Started off a bit ploddingly, but this is one of those rare movies that only gets better as it goes along. Breathtaking cinematography mixed with just-right performances and thoughtful storytelling made for a compelling night in front of the widescreen. Newfound respect to Anil Kapoor, continued respect for Amrish Puri (rest his soul) and I finally saw for myself why Tabu (seen here on the right, didn’t want to scare folk with a pic of Anil Kapoor) is a champ, limpid beauty was balanced perfectly with the sincerity and truth in her performance. The irritating b*st*rd from Sanjay Leela Bansali’s Devdas is here, and his motivation in the storyline is just as suspect, bleargh, while the Anita girl is kinda brings out my irascible self too. The movie actually goes well with A History of Violence, insofar as, in its final moments, it doesn’t shy away from the momentary, split-second, frighteningly instinctual nature of acts of brutality. The implications for the role of moral judgement is sobering. Virasat (translated as ‘Domain’ by the subtitles) builds a tunnel with age-old troubles and directs our gaze towards a dimly lit solution at its end. One can only hope that things have got better for the lives it represented, but humanity hardly fails to disappoint in the ever-new depths it can plough.


2 thoughts on “Virasat (1997): This land is our land

  1. Ooh, you finally watched it, eh? I thought Anil, Tabu and Pooja were simply brilliant! :D

    It’s my Dad’s favourite ‘new’ hindi movie! :P

    Trivia: The leggy Pooja Batra was Miss India 2nd runner up and went on to become a semi finalist at the Miss International pageant.

    She sucked in every other movie after Virasat.

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