The ravine’s rage

A friend of mine lost a friend of his in Iraq recently. How the six degrees of separation come round. And the most painful thing, apart from the evil waste of a beautiful life, is that people, like, say, George W Bush, proclaim this death as one of many sacrifices that have to be made to ‘defend freedom’. To this very day, I am unable to comprehend how getting your youth killed in a faraway land, and continuously so, in a war that was built on hot air and is sustained on ridiculous logic, contribute in any way to your country’s ‘freedoms’. We don’t live in an age of ‘world wars’ any more. We live in an age of whorled wars, spun by greed and ignorance and hate. Rest in peace, the cannonballed dead, on both sides of a gaping divide, slowly, painfully filling the ravine with your extinguished light.


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