Give me my country back, he says

Eurgh, another day, another madman. At least, that’s my opinion of someone who denies the Holocaust ever happened. Someone once aggressively confronted Buzz Aldrin with the assertion that the landing on the moon was a hoax. Buzz Aldrin, all of 72 years of age, landed a punch on the guy’s face. Well, something of that nature could be a way to wake up these stark raving mad weirdos of what evil has done, though I would doubt its effectiveness. They are themselves propagating such evil with every foul word and thought and deed. I too am guilty of bad behaviour, very bad behaviour, but I hope to God I will never be a part of this end of the scale.

And look, it’s not just so-called rogue nations who are capable of such madness. (And gorramit, the sheer temerity of labelling an entire country and all its people with such a term.) Look what the Shrub Administration has done with their calamitous occupation of Iraq. I wonder every time what has become of those vivid characters whose lives audiences bore witness to in “In the Shadow of the Palms“.


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