Maine Pyaar Kyun Kyia? (2005): The mess I made

48. Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya? (2005) — Picked this up fully aware of its mediocre to middling qualities, but wanted a go anyway for the glorious and slightly scary vision that is Sushmita Sen. Well rewarded on that count but otherwise verily unfulfilled. Empty laughs are easy to come by, gut-throttling ones are not. I never got the hang of enjoying a Salman Khan performance after the hamming in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, but in Baghban and this, his hamming has turned into somewhat endearing hawing and an oddly distracted air, despite his obvious talent for the biz. In this field, even otherwise serious audiences have a hard time not injecting onscreen performances with offscreen nuances.

Tried to watch Hera Pheri next, but was stopped in tracks by a faulty DVD!

Hmm, have not been posting much of late, cos I’ve been doing rather a lot of reading online and off. Plus, there’s the work thing — satisfying stuff but I don’t see much of a future in it. I’m just honing and polishing and picking up what I can. Working hard. Have applied to Toronto in meantime, can path for future will be a tad clearer come January or so.

By the way, I really enjoy Joss Whedon’s work, you know! Always have, ever since that first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, caught at an almost-perfect time in my youth. I always appreciate someone who can play with language wicked sharp and fiddle with plots lethal smart. People with their feet too firmly planted on the ground and folks with their noses too high up their … gnarses don’t seem to get it. I just love the genius that is in the details.

One more thing. Have been accused of having a ‘three-minute-boiling-point’ — that is, of getting really excited about something, then having that interest dissipate just as quickly. It may seem so, but here’s the thing: the interest doesn’t die, it gets sunk deep into me, becomes a part of who I am, what I get my kicks from. Just cos I don’t go whoopee over something as fervently as before doesn’t mean I don’t like it any more, or that I’d forgotten whatever I’d learned from it. There’s a lot I intensely dislike about myself, but there are some bits I’m quite pleased with as well, and this charging in and out of passions, to consume and get them subsumed, is one of them. Yes, I am weird, have never been not so, what to do.

My life = a mess!


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