Finding serenity

Still can’t get over how fortunate I was to get to watch Serenity, thanks to a beautiful chain of events happening right after one another. Curiosity stirred by Amazon -> Buy DVD -> Put off watching it till two weeks ago -> Put wallpaper on office puter -> Invite colleagues to not-their-department office -> One notices wallpaper and I make a noise about having Major.Crush.On.The.Captain.Dude. -> Get e-mail next day from one of said colleagues that United International Pictures are screening the movie One.Time.Only. (still have to find out how she knew) -> Heart fillips with joy and agony as details are entered at website and waiting ensues -> A full day later, applications for tickets are closed, and I have my tickets. -> Few days later, a full three weeks after my first viewing of Firefly, I get to watch the movie die-hard fans have been waiting three years for. Enough is enough!

So, here I am, a full day after watching Serenity. I am starting to grieve. I spent 11 episodes with the 9-person crew before the movie after all. Oh, I am beginning to suffer a bit. Sighed quite a lot this whole day. Joss Whedon may not be an arthouse icon, a ratings ‘ho, or commercial scum, but he is someone who abides with his vision, a very particular and somewhat peculiar way of looking at the world, that many do not have the patience or the stomach for. I’m learning. Dang this entertainment business, some of its more sordid practitioners won’t just let you laugh and get away with things. They’ve gotta shake you up, swing you round a bit, before they’re satisfied. Well, admittedly I am satisfied, but the shakes are starting to get to me. When’s the sequel?

And a shout out to the folks who deigned to hitch a ride on Serenity for a night. Sorry to those who felt it was a waste of time, a wink and a grin to those who enjoyed it, and hats off to those who ‘got it’. And I wore, literally, a brown coat to the movie, hah!


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