I like Jay and Austin

Yay, finally found something I’d tune in to watch every week. It’s been, what, a year? Two years? Anyway, Project Runway from Bravo TV (of Queer Eye fame). It may be reality TV, but it’s a glittering fulfilment of the genre’s true potential. Nothing like having both beauty and brains in any show. Check out the design on the right from episode 2, the designer had all of 6 + 2 hours to create it from scratch! The champ has been chosen but the link will only take you to the guide for episode 1 — catch it on Channel 5 every Monday at 10. The “Tim’s Take” section on the site is especially enlightening (Tim is also known as Timothy Gunn, Chair of the Department of Fashion Design at the influential Parsons School of Design). Of course, this all takes place in New York (“Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today …”)!


2 thoughts on “I like Jay and Austin

  1. sounds like an interesting show.
    kinda reminds me of ‘america’s next top model’….love the challenges they have. apart from them already being beautiful girls, they are truly looking for someone with brains. the challenges are really interesting.

  2. America’s Next Top Model has nothing on this (can only take so much of beautiful young things bemoaning their lot) — here, beauty is a given, but only in the creations by the designers (who ‘look’ an odd bunch). Hard work, vision, ambition, talent, drive all equally important. Refreshingly cool!

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