Bobby (1973): On flour and other flakes

Bobby46. Bobby (1973) — “I am Bobby. Mujhse dosti karoge?” (Will you be my friend?) Oh GOSH, what a likeable movie, despite the Really Weird Way It Ended. Rather OTT but very endearing in parts. This whole thing about marrying someone you love against parental wishes is really age old. Age age age age old. But commendable though funny attempt at psychological portraiture, I must say, of the woolly headed naive boy turned angry young virgin. Hmm, Chupke Chupke had fewer “conventions” it seems — this one was a little laden with filmmaking tricks of its time, not that they don’t have inherent value. Was a wee bit freaked out by the “item woman”, eeks! And hey, the eternal mother, Farida Jalal, plays a doll-wielding psycho gal here, heehee. If I ever had to imagine what Cupid would look like, (the young) Rishi Kapoor would not be very far off the mark. And Dimple Kapadia is so amazingly cute, aiyoh! Egads, Twinkle Khanna from Baadshah is her daughter!


4 thoughts on “Bobby (1973): On flour and other flakes

  1. Oooh so someone finally watched Bobby, eh? :) Yeah, Rishi Kapoor used to look incredibly good in those days compared to well, Hum Tum (remember him? Saif’s Dad?). And oh, you musta read about it already, but Dimple was 14 when she acted in Bobby! GOSH!

    So did ya manage to find Virasat?

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