What your money can do for you

Finally got paid for honest labour, so finally did my bit. Decided on the Disasters Emergency Committee, as aid is given to all the related agencies working in the Kashmir area right now. Thing about humanitarian relief is that you don’t have to donate to a local charity who then translates the funding into overseas assistance — you can give it to whoever is in the fray right away. I suppose the fact that you can only claim tax relief in Singapore if the charitable cause is local made my choice easier. I gave to the Singapore Red Cross for the tsunami relief, and simply felt the need to put my resources elsewhere this time round. How much is being left unsaid here? Here’s an estimate of what your money can buy by donating to the Disasters Emergency Committee:

  • £15 will buy 7 blankets
  • £42 will buy a family survival kit helping for at least 20 days
  • £90 will buy a winterised tent for a family

Exchange rate is currently £1 = S$3. If you can spare the cash by going without that pair of shoes this month or postponing satisfaction with another video game till December, please do your research and donate the sum to any organisation you think is doing a good job with the quake relief. Thanks for listening.


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