Ishq Vishk (2003): Life in translation

43. Ishq Vishk (2003) — Love and Romance, I assume. What a lovely little campus movie, didn’t expect it to strike so many chords and to unexpectedly touch, what with its many ticklish moments and youthful clamour. You have a guy who wants a girlfriend, but without the messy thing about being in love. He seems easygoing enough, but has an ego as fragile as any college student. He’s immensely likeable, but has yet to develop the soulfulness requisite to maturity — he’s finding himself, like any one of us, and it’s not a smooth journey (duh); for some, the story ends where needless compromise begins. I like this little ditty. Shahid Kapoor is such an earnest bunny and, wah, Amrita Rao is really pretty. And I love “Mujhse Hui Bas Yeh” so very very much — it sounds old-style, but Alka Yagnik (voice) – Anu Malik (melody) – Sameer (lyrics) can make your heart break into pieces so fine, you’d wonder if you could be put back together again. Elevated the movie immeasurably. Here are the translated (by whom they never say) lyrics from the movie:

One mistake I made (“Mujhse hui bas yeh khata”)
I fell in love with you
Secretly I cried
You gave me so much of sorrow
O ignorant, wicked one
Inflict every tyranny on me
My love for you will never lessen
I swear it on the tears I shed for you
I have truly loved you
I have truly loved you (“Maine kiya hai tujhse sachcha pyaar”)

Learnt more stuff about myself today. Ya Kun coffee in the afternoon drives me C-R-A-Z-Y. I can’t stop shaking even now, at least mentally. All. Buzzed. Up. My working hours ended at eight tonight but I got so excited about doing up a list of children’s books that I stayed till a quarter to ten when the heavens were emptying their pent-up heaven-ness upon us. Buzz buzz buzz. My new place sweetly offered cab fare and a golfing-type umbrella but I said nahin, buzzed all the way home on the MRT. Then cooked semi-healthy dinner. Finished last two discs of Ishq Vishk. Now blogging. Buzz. Oh on the way home mind was ticking left right and centre too. Drew up checklists for work, since I lacked reading matter (dang). But now that I remember I haven’t done my Latin homework yet, maybe I’ll finally fall asleep, hardy har har. Buzzing off!


4 thoughts on “Ishq Vishk (2003): Life in translation

  1. Thanks for the intro, Sayesha. :] And thanks for reading, Humboli. (What does “humboli” mean?) Amrita Rao is heartwarming in this movie, much more likeable than in Main Hoon Na, I think. Cool that she replied, wonder what other films she’ll be in next?

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