Loves company

Misery! My hormones are killing me. And why am I always late with everything? Appointments, deadlines, milestones, etc. Misery!!! Shame!!! Despair!!!

Got The Album to look forward to, but even messed up its collection — foolishly forgot that next Tuesday is a public holiday and the staff at Popular downstairs of work foolishly thought it wasn’t — so now I will have to go back there to do the deed instead of trundling down to a nearby Music Junction as intended.

I pity the foo’!


4 thoughts on “Loves company

  1. huh? don’t understand ur post.. what Popular, public holiday, go back to do wat?

    hey his hair looks funny. i like his suit though. will they come up with another of those post-launch album with more freebies like MTV-vcd or sth?? hate it when they do it bits and pieces like that~

  2. Advanced booking of Jay Chou’s new album la, until 30 October.

    His hair makes him look like Zheng Yuan Chang, scared me a bit. But still the musical fish underneath, phew.

    Since his second album, you’d notice that he’s never re-released an album with additonal features to stir up sales.

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