Bag O Tiles

Another way to look at Bunty aur Babli — it’s very much a “mo lei tau” (no head or tail) Stephen Chow-esque brand of humour that doesn’t mean anything at all (nor does it need to) — just a fun ride, you know?

Read this article on the Kashmir quake’s child survivors — why the heck is this sort of thing off the front page? What the heck is wrong with newspaper editors these days? DANG IT.

Next, check out the New Puritans — I’m not exactly one of ’em, but it’s interesting how “ethics” are supposedly making the news just because people are “beginning” to base their decisions on them, instead of just going by whatever gives them the most pleasure. Gee whiz. Includes quiz at the end to gauge your level of New Puritanism.

Finally, have a look at how life’s like in British bars, at least some of them, these days. The experiences and the facts speak for themselves. I’m just glad I’ve never developed a taste for the tipple, which is not saying anything about any choices my peers have made or are making for themselves. I just know me — person prone to unnerving passions!


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