Yes Boss (1997): SRK Shriekfest (to be continued)

35. Yes Boss (1997) — Juhi Chawla is a brilliant comedienne, no doubt about it. Nice romp with some food for thought, though the cheesy resolution (very last scene was good though) was kinda off-putting! SRK looked disconcertingly like Raj in DDLJ (and um, they filmed parts in Switzerland, had him cycling round the girl, doing the Karwa Chauth thing, holding up a mirror to her face, saying Main Hoon Na a lot, etc), so I felt a bit abused by the filmmakers! Very funny dance numbers though!!! Hiak hiak hiak. SRK really played the part of the “joker” to the hilt. In Baazigar too, tickled me to no end (and a bit shocking actually) when he was going full tilt for the slapstick gold. I must be making progress with my Hindi — understood enough lines to know what the heck each song was trying to say (this DVD and the Baazigar one didn’t subtitle the songs, boo)! I’m all SRK-ed out again!


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