Chalte Chalte (2003): Jalan jalan

33. Chalte Chalte (2003) — At long last. Both this movie I attempted to watch some time ago (no subtitles on the local DVD) and the fact that I’ve had no Bollywood injected for a full month now. Well, I appreciated the show. Quite a marriage counselling or pre-marriage advisory video, which would have been even better had they not added a monologue after the airport scene. The actors weren’t afraid of being harsh, something I appreciated. SRK was particularly “out there” (good? bad? who knows). Johnny Lever gives a vintage performance in my opinion, and that white dog with the black chest who was his co-star was just too cute. I also liked that the middle part of the script didn’t skirt any issues, yet retained a belief in what forms an attachment in the first place. You know, I didn’t dare to watch the season of Mad About You in which Paul and Jamie went through unsettlingly stormy seas (why’d a sitcom do that?). I can see what I missed now. I love love love the promo pic shown here.

Went to This Side Up by Ramesh Meyyappan on Saturday, then scooted off to join the kiasu queue at the Asian Civilisations Museum for the last-24-hours-free-of-charge viewing of Vatican treasures. The former was a sensorial opener. The guy may be born mute but his whole being spoke with an unmatched volume. Also, some particularly squeegee facial expressions of his reminded me of Rowan Atkinson at his Beany best. Wicked! The latter was a bit of a disappointment — I must be spoilt by the treasures and curatorial excellence I’d encountered in whatever travels I’ve had — what was most intriguing was the range and sheer number of people in the museum. I enjoyed the queuing terribly despite practically bleeding in my bl**dy office heels. Main Singaporean hoon!


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