Help yourself help others

Oh Lord. The earthquake in South Asia. I’m trying to find out how aid is being organised locally and see how we can help, will post whatever I can dig up here. If anyone has news, please add to the comments? So far, I’ve only read that Mercy Relief and SGH are sending people over.

Some things I’ve figured out over the past week:
1. I’m serious about my work.
2. I understand much better when I talk things out or just chatter to myself. Staring at a page never helped me.
3. I don’t need to earn big bucks and splurge on biggus ticketus itemus to have a sense of self-worth. Heck, I don’t even need to have a “lifestyle”. I’m not impressed by big money. I’m impressed and intimidated by big hearts and big brains.
4. I really need to measure out evenly my extreme dosages of linguistic flurry. Just shut up, la.
5. I’ve a lot a lot a lot left to learn and experience. I’ve yet to find out just how much I love my country. I’ve yet to know how “pyar karti hota hai”.


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