Changed pix to passport-sized photo I took recently, for job applications, you know. Looks so unlike the me I have in my mind that I get a fresh bout of unrecognition every time I pull it out for a disbelieving look. Eeks. Bad. Photo. Alert. Yes! I am vain, la. Though it’s not my every waking moment’s concern to “look good”, you know what I mean? Have settled long ago on what’s important to me, and looking “hot” (hahahahaha!) isn’t one of ’em. I don’t subscribe to thinness if it ain’t in your genes-es, and would indeed feel shamefacedly naked if that ever happened to me. I could stand to lose a few pounds, though, no doubt about it — for the sake of the diabetes, high blood pressure, gall stones, etc, that otherwise awaits! I’m looking at my family history, here, people.


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