Tell me why

Kyon aapki Bollywood movies bahut pasand hai? Why do I love Bollywood movies, I am asked in class today. How to put this in Hindi? I am enamoured of the arresting stories, compelling viewpoints and unashamed baring of emotions weaved into each one I have watched. What’s not to love about Bollywood movies, or indeed movies in general, when they can inspire a joyous debate like this one? I find any work of art that strikes up a hat full of thoughts and a heart full of emotions worthy of the loftiest, lushest laurels. I’m just glad to be able to appreciate what this treasure trove on our blue planet has yielded, and hope to do so for ever and ever and ever.

Was also asked why I love AR Rahman’s music. My answer was translated for me, I’m just not at that level of knowledge or confidence yet — He’s no ordinary composer, his music has power in it. Whoosh. “Music is my sanctuary, music is my life.”


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