Squandered it all

Paheli has been chosen as India’s Oscar entry for 2006! Among the other candidates (that I already know something about) it beat out, in order of surprise on my part, were:

● Iqbal !
● Page 3 !
● Veer-Zaara !
● Mangal Pandey !!
● Black !!!
● Swades !!!
● Parineeta !!!!

Arthouse wins! Feminist cinema wins! SRK in a humungous turban wins! Incidentally, thank the starry skies, the Picturehouse is re-opening! Always good to have a fancy schmancy cinema around that prides itself on screening quality, not just arthouse, films. I watched my first R(A) there, ’twas All About My Mother. I loved that movie.

Speaking of movies, Rediff Movies is always a good visit. Just the right mix of sauce and meat for me (speaking of meat, am beginning to wonder if I can ever turn vegetarian — think eating meat is not just a choice, but a bit of a habit, have to ask myself if I really enjoy it? I love salmon sashimi though, how to give it up? Speaking of which, it’s another indicator of how my palate has matured, if that’s the right word, over the years — years! My late 20s are but half a year away, aieeeee!). Not only does Rediff have juicy bits of news (and nuisance), it’s got stuff like financial advice from Preity Zinta! Um, huh? Well, here’s a list of some:

● Always save — make it a rule to save X% of your income
● You must save a higher % of your income but you must pamper yourself too — live for today as well — buy lovely things, get a pedicure, etc
● I think real estate is the best investment
● If you are relatively intelligent, check the market stocks and shares
● More important, make sure you have a few bonds and fixed deposits in your name

There’s financial advice from Priyanka Chopra too, being all of 22 years old, sheesh. Can I just add that Udit Narayan’s voice tickles a bone somewhere around my heart. And I think there’s always a hint of a smile in that voice. After AR Rahman’s concert, a whole vista has opened for me, in the way I think about playback singers! What an industry!

You know, secondary school should include classes on financial management. I could be a gazillionaire by now, with the money I’ve squandered on the invisible!


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