Blessed be we

The wisdom of an elder is more precious than gold, and mightier than any fortress. Or is that something else … Anyway, after attending a ‘society’ dinner with my mother, i.e. the Singapore Lyric Opera’s fundraiser (for some reason, I tried just about everything served, I must really be aging), we had a good talk on the way home about my grandmother. I haven’t been having the easiest of times with her at home, a core reason being my quick temper (and impatience, and lack of empathy, etc). I felt that I really saw some sort of light when we reached home, and lo and behold, things have really got better when my perspective and hence attitude towards the whole business changed. It’s like I knew all that was wrong and what the situation with her was intellectually, but it was never processed emotionally, or was just never processed. I’m not sure what changed, but something has, and despite the hiccups that accompany each day, my blood pressure’s not shooting up as before, and my grandma doesn’t have that bewildered look so often. Thank God for mothers.

Another glorious thing that happened — the AR Rahman (pronounced “Rehman” — before I knew who he was, I’d seen his name quite often, and honest to goodness thought he was a prominent Malay composer, heheh) concert! It was entertainment, it was education, it was awe-inspiring. He was on stage for every song, whether singing, or twiddling with instruments, or just inspiring the other performers from strength to strength, or giving them wings to fly with his melodies. Oh, I think the only gripe I have is that ALL the songs I know weren’t performed. I don’t think “talent” is the right word … it’s true genius. And true genius needs real talent to be adequately represented, and that was what he had, a party of some of the most talented (and at ease with their talent) musicians and singers I’ve ever had the pleasure to witness. Fantastic. It all ended too soon, and was just slightly plagued by the worry that my ribboned-up (for a sweet wedding in the morning) Jimny would be locked up in the carpark past midnight! How blessed we all are to have a maestro like AR Rahman living in our times, how blessed we all are. Blessed are the ones who succumb to music. Blessed are the ones who bring music to life.


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