I guess the job market is looking up after all. I haven’t even given the Recruit section a good look since December 2002, only followed up on a link sent by a good ol’ ex-colleague. Hmm.

It’s a research writer cum editorial executive post, at a cultish-about-good-education enrichment centre, the killer point being that it’s in the maths and science section! Me! Told them I really might not be a good fit, I don’t wanna be no deadweight; we’ll be seeing how it goes in three months’ time. Am thankful for having something to do, and will give it my best shot, but hope to go on to other things too, la. Would not have gone for another purely editorial position with an educational publisher, if there are any quibbles about why I’m almost in the same field. Instead of shooting from the back, I’m shooting from the middle now. Will I ever reach the frontlines? Egads. EGADS.

Am revving up the process of applying to North American universities now. If I do get accepted someplace I wanna be, it’ll be in 2006 or 2007 that the Rather Adroit Leap Forward will take place. Gosh. In the meantime, am rediscovering how blur I am. Gotta. Read. Stuff. More. Carefully. Anyone has any tips on applying to and choosing the right place(s) for oneself?

Am off to bed and on to a day of wedding helping (yelp!) and (yes!) an evening of AR Rahman!!! Main AR Rahman ki concert jaoongi!!! WOOHOO!!!


5 thoughts on “Wowee

  1. Man, I had a dream about the A.R. Rahman concert! Must because Life! was one of the last things I was reading last night before I went to bed, with him on the cover. It was a bit traumatic ‘cos I was desperately tyring to watch it properly in the dream (ended up sitting on the floor right in front of the performers). Bah. Well, anyway good for you again man. I’m waiting for the day you rise to the top at the likes of Penguin or summat. So you’re really going in for a M.A. eh? Sorry man I can’t help much here…obviously haven’t done anything similar meself.

    Enid Coleslaw

  2. Ms Coleslaw — I think I did see people sitting in front of the stage, maybe you were there in spirit … I ain’t got the drive to get to the top of any heap, man, sorry to keep you waiting, heh. We’ll see how the MA whatnot thing shapes up.

    Mavj — This Thursday, man.

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