Monsoon Wedding (2001): Some kind of wonderful

31. Monsoon Wedding (2001) — Though not sprung from the loins of Bollywood, pardon the shoddy figure of speech, I’m including this in the long list since it’s set in Dehli and full of Hindi. Mujhe yeh film bahut pasand hai. I like this film very much. Sometimes it’s not the story that impresses you, but the storytelling. Sweet. That Naseeruddin Shah is some kind of wonderful.


2 thoughts on “Monsoon Wedding (2001): Some kind of wonderful

  1. If you like Naseer, you should watch ‘Masoom’ (the old one, not the new one!) and ‘Ijaazat’.

    Hey, I heard you learnt about ‘dedh’ and ‘dhai’ in class? Now the Mohabbatein thing must have registered, huh? :)

  2. Hee hee, yeah, watched Mohabbatein before the dedh came up, quite funny how reel and real link up so closely sometimes! :)

    The Taal DVD was distributed by Shemaroo, whose DVDs make you watch skanky trailers before you can access the main menu — this time, there was a skanky trailer of a skanky movie with Naseeruddin Shah in it! His hair was bleached blond, and he was in some weird chest-pawing number with a nubile starlet. Ew! But Monsoon Wedding ‘restored’ him for me, kekekek.

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