Mohabbatein (2000): Nobody does it better

25. Mohabbatein (2000) —

No one can make you cry like Shahrukh
(Farah Khan from the Main Hoon Na director’s commentary)

I must agree with this, especially when aided by an amazing story, of course, by the gifted Aditya Chopra. Haven’t had my sinuses blocked up so badly since Karan Johar’s trio. And I don’t begrudge washing my face in tears this time round, cos sometimes you just want a bit of poetry in your soul. This film could have been a true gem for the ages, if not for the tiring emphases on fluffy love bunnies and History of Yash Raj Films rituals. SRK looks breathtaking. And he’s truly, fascinatingly in character, the SRK bag of tricks only being loosened now and then (which I love on its own terms). And oh, the Principal, Ms Breganza and the theme song from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai make enjoyable cameos. The music I wish could have been more evocative for the film’s sake, but the main theme is perfect. In any case, the pure gold thread around which a few “luff” stories are woven is worth the opportunity cost of admission, and the blocked nasal passages. I feel enriched in a way that I have almost forgot I could be by storytelling from Bombay.


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