Oh well

Called up the line producer for the Bollywood movie this morning. They found someone else to fill the production assistant post. Ah well. Felt a bit sad but I’ve pretty much got over it by the afternoon. Now to get serious about life, it being a full month on from my last day at old work. I hope that whoever got the gigs for the movie go on to great things and can leverage their experience to fulfil movie-making dreams. Now I get to attend AR Rahman’s concert guilt-free, and can throw myself into a few pieces of work lying here and there. I’d really like to thank those buddies who gave me appreciated encouragement when they found out I was going for this. No regrets, of course! There’s always the blue sky, the green grass, the soft wind, the tender raindrops, and the words of my Lord to lean upon in such times as these.

Tis a wonderful web of life — view from a walk in a smallish Rüschlikon wood


2 thoughts on “Oh well

  1. Hey, great photo innit. You know what I can’t stand, is when these employer types leave people hanging and don’t tell them when they don’t want them. Grrr. Anyways yep, have fun with the rest of yer holiday…heh.

    Enid Coleslaw

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