Pushpak (1988): Keaton is King

24. Pushpak (1988) — “Speech is silver, silence is gold.” This is not a silent movie in the mode of Old Hollywood. Instead of having some dialogue or narration displayed on screen, you have no words coming from the actors’ mouths through show or tell here. The only discernible speech is from an old melodramatic talkie that two actors watch. There are plenty of other noises, though, from people and everyday life. Very interesting take on the whole business. And a thoughtful twist to what would otherwise be a rather sordid (to me) plot. Nice one, though I must admit I was tempted to fast forward in places, having no patience for predictability when I can help it. Found myself thinking “Who am I?” and “What am I doing with my life like this?”. Never fails to give me the chills. In any case, I cannot recommend the works of Buster Keaton highly enough if anyone would like to watch truly wondrous silent cinema, or just amazing movies. Just about everything he did can be borrowed from the NLB with a premium library membership.

Buster Keaton in The Navigator


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