My little corner of the world

I have turned into a bit of a health freak. My daily bread is detailed below (mind you, this is two days’ worth of vitamins, I’m not that much of a freakazoid).

I’m also taking a spoonful of bird’s nest in the morning on an empty stomach and doing Basic Taebo II every other day. Let’s see how long I can keep this up! Oops, gotta be more positive, huh.

Anyway, what has actually worked best for me is (1) water, (2) sleep, (3) carefully reading the Bible and (4) honest-to-goodness prayer. And (5) injecting a dash of Bollywood music or film (that I enjoy, la).

As for reading of a more mundane sort, I’m digging into this allegedly fun and entertaining tome on the alphabet. It’s the hollow sort of fun and entertainment in terms of style, but the content is diverting enough. The title of the book was changed, but the cover design was retained. Funny old world of publishing.

So anyway, this all sounds like I’m really leading the tai tai lifestyle, but far be it from the truth, folks. Have been deployed to do some rather trying “verk” by Mom, so there you go. No payment expected, I’m doing this for something bigger (or at least taller) than my little corner of the world. Maybe I should grow up to be a recluse.


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