Crunchy goodness

eyemax-wind-up-radioEver since I got my grubby mitts on this glorious contraption, I’ve begun listening to the BBC World Service regularly once again. Though news is more often opinion than fact, it’s been nice having voices out in the open, rather than trapped in my head, hee hee.

So anyway, two nights ago, BBC World Service was doing its aural wallpaper thing, when, phwoar, what do I hear but the strains of Jay Chou’s “My Territory” (Wo de Di Pan) cranking away, and his voice(s) spiralling out with a flourish at the end of this ad for a programme on Chinese music (pencil in your diary for 22 August 2005, ladies and gentlemen)! Wheeeeeeeeeee! Worra kick I had out of it, which is just weird, frankly.

Applied to be a production assistant on a movie set recently, and will know whether I get the gig by the end of the week (I hope). Here’s hoping! It will be really tough on the mind and body, but it’s something I’ve always been open to, and is really a natural extension to these many years of loving life on celluloid. Crunch time!

15.-Shahrukh-Khan-And-KajolDon’t ask how, but I managed to watch three episodes of Koffee with Karan — the premiere with SRK and Kajol (10/10 — aiyoh, they’re fantabulous together both within and without acting roles), one with Gauri Khan and Suzanne Roshan (8/10 — ticklish insights all round, though uncomfortable with the fact that they had to be on the show by virtue of being “superstar wives”), and the finale of the first season with SRK and Amitabh Bachchan (7/10 — would be lower without Kajol, Farhan Akhtar and Farah Khan). Fun way to spend a half hour, believe you me! That Karan Johar is so cool, whether he knows it or not. (PS: Can anyone tell me how outdated the word “cool” is? Cos I don’t know the current replacement!)


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