Koi … Mil Gaya (2003): Yawnfest 2005

22. Koi … Mil Gaya (2003) — Gah, though well-made, this is not the most intriguing of movies. Perhaps it was the many echoes of Close Encounters of the Third Kind and ET plus dashes of Forrest Gump that did me in, but at least there was eye candy involved — the curly wurly dance moves of Hrithik Roshan and the endearing exuberance of Preity Zinta. That Jaadoo was not as irritating as I feared it would be, you can’t go wrong with a whistling alien!

[Addendum 3 hours or so later — I think the lack of good songs coupled with a regrettable gap in continuity between the songs and the narrative detracted from the enjoyability of KMG too. Just to make things clearer.]


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