Public transport and I

In two and a half years of work, I’d never travelled to and fro the office directly by public transport. I wear this as a badge of honour, or maybe infamy. I’m just spoilt rotten, la. Yesterday, I went to town on the bus, and it was nice, doing a bit of dazing, a bit of reading, a bit of squinting at other passengers on the upper deck. This is the life. But I’m really not getting as much ‘rest’ as I want, though being 26, I shouldn’t expect to retire any time soon, should I? For some reason, I am busy (or meant to be busy) doing this for A and that for B, there’s hardly any space left to watch my movies on the waaaaeedscreen TV, clean up my room (to live happily ever after), and just generally be selfish with my time in peace. Phooey.


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