Tum Bin … (2001) & Paheli (2005): You and I

16. Tum Bin … (2001) — I think I’ve never watched a movie so quickly in my life — half of it was watched at 2x speed, especially since the subtitles were patchy in places. You can actually tell how good Dil Chahta Hai is in comparison — it was that much more gripping and I didn’t feel as strong an impulse to forward!forward!. I think it was TB’s predictability and the holey-as-a-chunka-cheese plot. In mitigation, as Sayesha said, there are some delightful turns of dialogue and action by the two leads (one of whom possesses a particularly limpid beauty) (I refer to the dude). And the movie can also boast of a particularly awesome piece of OTT-hamming, by the third guy. Bleargh! Nice to see the pa from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam again, he’s even in the same get-up.

17. Paheli (2005) — a very different kind of movie, not exactly what I expected (refuse to read reviews before watching movies — as AbFab’s Patsy oft says, “I’ll be the judge of that”. When it comes to whether I find a movie good or not, that is). I suspect I’ll find myself thinking about Paheli; it’s not as fluffy as it looks, nor is it one of those mega-blockbluster-appeal-type movies. For one thing, it is supposed to be based on a hundred-year-old folk tale, so it’s laden with all sorts of baggage. Can’t treat it like a straightforward movie, Bollywood or otherwise. One brow-knitting thing about watching Paheli is how I can’t help but bring my own beliefs about what’s wrong and right into the experience — is keeping your marriage vows (though not for a marriage you asked for) or following your heart (though not through an agency you would ask for) more important? Paheli is a leisurely paced, slow-burning film that demands an open mind and a bit of patience to savour it with satisfaction. And one thing’s for sure — SRK is the ghost that will continue to haunt me (or us?) ever so entrancingly all of my moviewatching days. And I think the guy can really act, what, the papa’s boy character he had one foot in was really … duh!

[edited for sense on 12 July 2005 10:30 p.m.]


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