Initial THIS!

GASP. My friend MY just called — after a bit of coy murmuring … it turns out she has managed to get her hands on a pair of tickets for the Initial D premiere tomorrow!!! (“Three exclamation marks — a sure sign of madness.”) That woman continues to amaze me every now and then. Thank you, MY. And now … I’m just speechless. Speechless, I say. Whoopee!

Now my mini-grouses seem so puny! I wanted to add that, oh well, despite the many grumbles that I hear about Jay Chou, I’ve really always had faith in some God-given, innate ability in him to be, somehow, transcendental — ever since that first listen and that first chat I had with a friend about his music, that turned into a two-hour dissection of intents and purposes. Wonderful, wonderful, to have such a one in our midst! The guy may be a Beng, but can I just say that I’ve had a few Bengs in my history who I had helpless admiration for.

Second and last mini-grouse — karaoke IS wonderful! With the right songs AND the right people. I’ll say it’s a 40:60 kinda thing. I’ve not always been singing my heart out. Growing up, singing was just not a thing that I assumed I could do. The stuff just sorta spouted one night, when I was on the bus to the airport with my NCC platoonmates, and warbled bits of “Again” by Janet Jackson, to some acclaim. Then my voice started growing, though there was one major, crushing quenching by a loved one, who said that I couldn’t really sing — it was just training that brought the volume out, or something like that. Woah, that hurt all right. I can carry a tune, but I can’t spread a fever. But you can’t blame one incident for your own crack-ups. Now — my singing is for praising God! And I commemorate my life and likes and lies and loves through singing! I’m very content.

An addendum about work — it’s not unhappy for me, but I’m getting a bit unhappy cos my friends from work are getting unhappy. Lesson for any would-be leader — respect is not a given.

I leave you with a pic from the past. A breakthrough sun on the way back home from my major sojourn in 2004.

To Heathrow, to Heathrow, 2004


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