Lagaan (2001) & Swades (2004): Smeltpot

11. Lagaan (2001) — beautifully shot, riveting story and game, though not averse to some strange bits of cheese. If only we had more leaders of such conviction and truth and followers of such heart and spirit in real life. Bollywood really can give you a perfect picture of how life should be led, beyond our innate and imposed differences. And watching DVDs on our new widescreen LCD TV really rocks!

12. Swades (2004) — SRK can’t repress his irrepressible self completely, but who can resist his charm? (“So handsome!”, my mom couldn’t help but exclaim during the last scenes of DDLJ — speaking of which, “le jayenge, le jayenge, dilwale dulhania le jayenge”, teehee.) Long eyelashes aside, this is a thoughtful film with a few twists on the familiar ‘home is best’ refrain. It’s as much about the fragrance of one’s homeland, as it is about facing up to its cracks and fissures, and owning up to the responsibility of helping to mend them. To follow from a metaphor in the movie, while I don’t see anything wrong with lighting your neighbour’s yard, it shouldn’t be to the neglect of your own.

In the meantime, had a great, worshipful sort of Sunday. It showed me that despite how frankly horrible life can get, God’s grace just carries you through. Heartfelt thanks to whoever it was who returned my Pingu wallet to the cinema box office — with everything intact.

And here’s a recipe from a friend’s mom for anyone who needs to control their loved ones’ blood sugar level: Boil brown beans and medium-sized cubes of unskinned unripe papaya with small tinges of yellow for half an hour till the beans are soft. Can be taken a few times a week. Due to a miscommunication, I used almost ripe papaya the first time round — too sweet! Argh!!!


3 thoughts on “Lagaan (2001) & Swades (2004): Smeltpot

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