A Hysterical Thing

Ah hah, before I forget, must relate this Hysterical Thing from a few days back. My dad came downstairs to accompany me home from the carpark across the street, and the Maltese Terror was with him. The Incredibly Funny Sight presented itself when Dad picked up the dog and crossed the street with ‘er! Turns out the dog absolutely positively resolutely refused to do the trot across! Both ways!

Now, I’ve seen people walk their pets, but I’ve never seen ‘em carrying their pets across the road like my dad did! Just picked up the MT like a smelly baby (at arms length, people) and scampered across. But on the other hand, this evening, I saw this macho-looking guy carrying his Scottish terrier like a wee babe, so I guess it’s no great shakes!

Je te presente le MT, circa 2000:


One thought on “A Hysterical Thing

  1. I say, :) Many thanks for removing the link. Am most grateful. BTW, we HAVE to meet up this week so I can show you what alerts I tagged onto you on my phone. I think you will like.

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