The end of the world is nigh-er than we think

Back to the end-of-the-world-is-nigh theme, my friend Sayesha once said something to the effect that we have a lot more urgent things to do before the sky will fall on our heads. Wise words, but what am I doing these days that will help solve either problem?

Driving on the way to Sunset Gospel Bible Fellowship today, from the East Coast to the West, I couldn’t help but think to myself how intoxicatingly beautiful my country can be, in the evening, with its balmy breezes and gentle sunsets. And I couldn’t help but feel how blessed I am to have truly made friends from work who, in spite of our very different origins and stories, are able to share busy mornings, lazy afternoons, restful evenings and angsty late nights with such open hearts and broad minds. Thank you, gorgeous friends of the educational publishing industry, may our paths continue to converge beyond the immediate divergence.

Kal Ho Naa Ho!

And speaking of which, sometimes a movie makes me feel I’ve learnt something, and this is one of them that there. Not sure if I’m capable (in the short run) of watching a movie without Shahrukh Khan in it! Him together with Kajol, for that matter. Teehee. Aw, I’m just a wet tissue, aren’t I.

Here’s another exhausting movie — literally had to wash my face and take a nap afterwards (as with Kal Ho Naa Ho, aiyah). I admire the strength and sureness of emotion in the Bollywood movies I’ve watched in the past few weeks. One should be envious of such conviction! And I can see how easily one could get completely sidewinded, downshifted and basically uprooted by this sort of thing. Especially if you have the overactive imagination of madamoiselle here! Urp! Thanks, Sayesha. Ruining my life like this! Merci beaucoup, mon ami, vraiment.


7 thoughts on “The end of the world is nigh-er than we think

  1. Hahaha! You’re welcome, girl!

    Rest assured I shall continue to make your life miserable as long as I have movies to lend :)

    Welcome to my world, where emotions flow freely, and it’s okay to cry during a movie :)

  2. hey sayesha just take your friend to watch some of the beautiful Mani Ratnam Tamil Movies.. they are better than the Hindi movies.. and not much dhishum dhisum also.. if possible watch Kannatil Mutthamithal.. BTW I am not Tamilain but Northie.. but still love Mani Ratnam’s work..

  3. It’s toe-wriggly exciting when a new world unfolds before you, or when something that’s always been around suddenly takes on a new light! Looking forward to new filmic experiences and more. Oh! I managed to take in Hum Tum today. I like it, I like it. Reminded me in some ways of When Harry Met Sally. Though narratively speaking, the film had too smooth an ending! And it’s ticklish how some bits that would seem most natural in Hollywood films struck me as scandalous in this one!

  4. And did I mention that I thought that Saif & Rani should not have “met” in the end? If I were directing the movie, at most I would show Saif ending his speech and walking away, and the final shot would be that of Rani sitting at the end of the room and smiling enigmatically.

  5. YES! That would have been a much better ending, at least in terms of believability, which is what the film seemed to have been striving for throughout. I was thinking to myself that the ending could have been “cooler” in some way!

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