May I just repeat how I hate what Mozilla does to my Blogger posts. And how Blogger can be inadequate in such matters.

Spiffed up the blog a bit, may streamspiff things later. Can you spot the extra bit of spiff? (That’ll do.) Finally respected wishes of two linkees to be de-linked, though their names remain as a guide for me to find them again.

Just spent the better part of two hours scarfing down the first volume of Initial D (Taiwanese edition)! A bit off-colour but genuinely gripping. Can’t wait for the movie! And the soundtrack!

Spent yesternight leading a group trek down to Maple Clinic at Tampines Street 81. Everyone deserves a shot at better skin. Everyone!

Why aren’t I sleeping?!


2 thoughts on “Spiffy

  1. hey i chanced upon your blog while searching for a good skin clinic ( i heard about the maple clinic) so i was wondering is it really good? lately been having bad breakouts maybe due to hormones. how much do they charge?

  2. Hi Diana, I would recommend Maple Clinc wholeheartedly. They charge neighbourhood clinic prices, about 20 bucks for consultation. The pricey thing would be the total cost of the medicine and products. Call the clinic at 67839038 and ask when Dr Ong Fung Chin will be in — she’s the one you’d want to see. The queues are long, and you can’t make appointments, so go 20-30 min before the clinic opens. It’s great that you’re getting help ASAP — from my experience, time is your worst enemy in terms of preventing scars. Best of wishes!

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