Convincing myself

Tree kept company by green grass, blue sky, morning sun and gentle breeze

Here I am. Updated and somewhat edited 24 hours in NY post. Now with purty pictures!

Oh it’s hard, so hard when you fall ill. Things go out of whack. Am now “punishing” myself, as I’m wont to do, by trying to finish a week’s work in a night (make that a month’s load, you slacker). One hopefully long sleepless night. Come to me, coffee.

I realise that I don’t invest a lot of what actually goes on in my life in my blog. Just as well, heaven knows I can get deadly boring with details, heheheh. But here’s a yawnsome little nugget — will be ridding myself of respectable job soon, without expected safety net of job in hand and many others applied for in the bush, etc. Have pledged to wear all pink on last day, for some reason.

In any case, I’m not leaving cos I’m cursedly sick of the rigamarole — I do enjoy my job, I love the people, the work ethic of most, ha ha, and I’m certainly not ripping anybody off. I’m just not doing what I want to do with my life, you know? And, while I haven’t achieved much in terms of worldly honours, I’d like to think I’ve grown in stature as a functioning member of society. Somewhat. And … you know it’s time to go when you start listening to the classical station to “soothe the nerves” during work and to BBC World to “calm the mind” afterwards! That aside, I’ve contributed what I can bear, it’s time to let the new tide take the work, and for me to sally (or be sallied) forth to the next needed place.

The more I read stuff I enjoy, the more I realise how much I enjoy reading. It’s luxuriating, even, in the very facticity of life. Gorged on The Motorcycle Diaries and Travelling with Che Guevara. Aches to find out the eventual reality of revolutionary life, but in the film and the books, you have the golden pangs of awakening that every young person deserves and every older person should remember. It is not just the fact of travel that broadens a person, but how much heart and mind is applied in the journey. Perhaps it really is a joy in the journey we should seek, in spite of the pain and many travails weaved in.

Oh that was a great day walking about the Swiss Re area … till I wandered onto the highway! Hehe.


7 thoughts on “Convincing myself

  1. Wish I could, ol’ cabbage patch — do intend to pursue studies overseas. How do you get into cambridge, again? :)

    And sweet sayesha, yup, time to get serious about my life. Am very very happy that you get such satisfaction from your job!

  2. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa!!!! What the?!!!! So Mee-chelle wasn’t bluffing! And you lied to me last week, you lil’ tosser! All this blog and real life whatnot is confusing the heck out of me! So it’s for real?!!! I am gonna clobber you on Friday! Watch it! And pick somewhere with good chow! Heh.

    Enid Coleslaw

  3. Aaaaaargh! I can’t believe it’s come to this….that I know what’s going on in my friends’ lives through their blogs!!!!?!?!!?!! Ahem. Anyways..ah well I’ll save it for later this week.

    Enid Coleslaw

  4. What what what? What up, Ms Coleslaw?

    Cabbage patch, thanks for the link — went to have a peek, but am thinking that what I would, I could not, and what I could … I just don’t think I could! Found Cambridge to be a place of large expanse for the mind to expand, when I visited. With some rather uptight folk juxtaposed against some pretty exuberant personalities! May Ball, anyone?–>

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