Let’s go explore

View from Park Hyatt, Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles.

Watched a very well done documentary on Henri Langlois tonight. As with all works of sincerity, it was wonderfully thought-provoking. All works have qualities, we should look at those, not at their flaws. All works should be saved, those who presume they have the taste to decide otherwise are fools. The oppressive nature of the state is not restricted to so-called authoritarian regimes. The individual has the right, the opportunity and the responsibility to make considered choices for his/her life, despite the lack of resources or seemingly unstoppable opposition. Many other thoughts are simmering, but they shall remain with me, darting in and out of my hazy consciousness with considerable stealth. Bravo, Jacques Richard, for “Le Fantome d’Henri Langlois”.

“The Ultimate Goodness Gracious Me” has been swimming round the brain too. Despite the infrequent Monty Python ripoffs (who can blame them?), it can get pretty hilarious! And I very much appreciate how the writers/actors throw themselves with intelligent abandon into the smelting pot.

Foggy mind has really cleared in recent days. The circumnavigation must have had some effect! And made me see with such clarity God’s loving arrangements for every one of His children. The world is so very very super duper big, bigger than what we allow ourselves to imagine here. Vast. And it’s out there. Let’s go explore.

View from Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue, Ruschlikon, Switzerland.


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