If there exists a Masters in Bibliomania, I might just go for it. Or maybe I just like the idea. Have been nursing a desire to do a degree in Chinese language and culture, specifically this one. Deeply hope that it’ll establish itself to the point where it’ll still exist for me to take it up at a later, more leisurely hour (or rather, three years). Am not made of such stuff that I can stomach a full-time job with it. Also, fidgety about the entrance examination!

Dark moods settle upon me ‘in a thought’. That means in a very short time, the time in which one takes to think a thought, so to speak. Shakespearean phrase from Macbeth learnt today. Fie on the badness of my soul. Mind goes ticking, saying no, no, no, heart takes a licking, overwhelmed with go, go, go. Uncharitable, unwise, uncannily so. This is what happens when I don’t spend enough one-on-one time with the Lord. Slowly rising out of molasses, but such a distance to go. Eurgh.

Not comfortable spending so much time on the surface, but it is a worry for now. Must be able to put it away when the fateful time comes, just as past liquid nitrogen-filled experience showed, but I do realise my inner flighty being can get out of hand. In a way, I am thankful I wasn’t truly burdened by the means and desire to be ‘too hot to trot’, or whatever it was, in my tweens (gee, tweens). Can just imagine the despair I would’ve got into! Still, this is probably my ego talking. Hello, ego, ergo.

No reason why I can’t be inspired by someone I barely know, who is seemingly not an amazing or famous person. It’s the little things that add up, the examples that people set for one another is what I am often inspired by. ‘By which I am often inspired’ doesn’t have the same ring. My heroes and heroines exist.

Shall go twinkle my toes now to the melody of Anne Fadiman’s Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader. I would like very very much to pore over Estelle Ellis and co.’s At Home with Books again (ah, that happy hour spent flipping through it at Kino with fellow bespectacled and fuzzy-haired soul), but oh so expensive. The library awaits. Suddenly strikes me that 100 bucks for a year of the Central Library would help very very much with preparation for fell (or fall?) deeds. Arise! Awake! To ruin! And a red dawn!


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