Living life unselfishly

Mmm … chocolate-flavoured soy milk tastes … So Good …

Happy lunar new year to all folkses.

Finally watched The Return of the King after a wait of, what, three months? Had to wait another week and a half due to (a) MDA wanting to look at a title they’d already passed for general release and (b) my unclean, unclean room. Room is now paused on the edge of the abyss — have doubled the walking space, but no follow through means certain disaster. Yowser. Oh yah, back to ROTK. Tears streaming here, there and everywhere. Laugh out loud surprises. Long-awaited memories. Now what do I do? Oh, to live life with such poetry and strength and simple courage.

Nodded off while driving along West Coast Highway yesterday, got thoroughly woken up by hitting a bump. Tok tok. Thank God it wasn’t a person or a tree or another car or anything else just a bump. Was really sleepy another time on the AYE and was wandering onto another lane, but startled up before anything disastrous happened. Thank God. I think part of the problem was the music. Anything remotely trance-like means trouble. Need three-minute raucous gems/jams, not 6-minute rants. No more Mr Scruff or the Beta Band. Cross, cross. Thank God. Thank God.

GOSH! I think Howl’s Moving Castle is showing at some places already!!! Whoosh! OK done, bought tickets, watching tonight, wahey!!!

I don’t think I’ll be truly happy till I can live life unselfishly.


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