Life is a multi-coloured thing

Thank God for the safe passage of another day. We all need it! So many accidents on the road today. My bro was involved in one, but thank God it was nothing serious.

Received an e-mail from about my MIA shipment. They re-shipped it, this time by DHL, at no charge! Sent an e-note of appreciation, I really am touched and heartened by this generosity and trust.

This book was hard to find, but worth it!

beauty manual

Kinokuniya in KL and Singapore were both sold out, but I managed to place an order, and now my grubby hands have been pawing its polished pages for a few weeks now. Was convinced of its worth by the author strutting her stuff on a Taiwanese chat show (Kang Hsi Lai Le). She basically tried as many beauty products as she could for the past five years or so, not the ultra-expensive kinds, mind, and reported her findings and thoughts on the whole subject of what’s good and what’s not in the book. Speaking from experience, with no thought or allowance for endorsements, is what it’s all about. Also taught me to think properly about what I actually spend moolah on.

Think before you spend — you should know what suits you best, so just because something is expensive or claims miracles or is wildly hyped up or some celebrity uses it (including the one writing the book!) doesn’t mean it’ll be great for you! Also, remember that body types vary all over the world, so don’t go about thinking that the latest Ayumi- or Beyonce- or Chloe-approved product, however vaunted, will work wonders for you. If you’re going to experiment, look into the ingredients, the purported benefits, weight the costs, do patch or small tests, be adventurous, not foolish. Have fun! I don’t agree with everything in the book (what’s up with the continent-wide obsession with fairness?), nor have I read it from cover to cover (Traditional Chinese characters leh, plus Taiwanese lingo), but lots of food for thought, that’s what I say. Recommended! But perish the thought of not stewarding your resources carefully and dumping your whole allowance/salary into superficial things like these.

A month on from the Indian Ocean tsunami. The lost ones are not coming back. Give as much as you can, and continue to, all right? Direct Relief International have been validated as one of the most efficient marshallers of donated resources — that is, half of your money is not going to go into administration costs and gold taps.


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