A funny thing happened on the way to Bras Basah

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle — it’s just frickin’ funny, man! And a grand exercise in surrealisme.

So what happened on the bus? I bided my time taking out the splooshy tomato, cos of the general ickyness of a public bus. Then, with an unsubtle flick of the wrist, presented it in the dim cabin. Sploodge! Horizontal is not as good. It gets tossed around a bit. Then, aw man, it falls to the icky-icky-icky floor! Argh, it’s rolling! Where the heck is it! In front? At the back? Argh!!! “The floor’s gonna be really clean now.”

KH emerges from an examination of the deck and solemnly declares: It’s under that guy’s foot. The guy in question was frozen in sleep stasis, so should we wake him? What if he gives the tomato the final SPLOODGE and it all goes to splat??? In the end, we hide our faces in painful laughter while KH deftly removes the offending splomato from the guy’s perfectly poised foot. And it’s a wrap.


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