Music, Inc.

As some might know, i have recently been enraptured by “Final Home” from the 2001 Tarcy Su album “Truth About Love”. The first verse goes something like, “Listening to the Beatles/ Don’t know what I heard/ Felt so happy in one moment/ Loneliness should be comforted like this.” It then veers off into a love song. Those first words got me thinking about the sort of standards we apply to music – the kind you allow into your wallet and your rhythm of life. I don’t think of music in terms of possession. It’s a gift, channelled through gifted individuals, blessing us all with peculiar reveries. Music shouldn’t be taken for granted. But music is also uniquely possessive. What you hear in a song won’t be reproduced in someone else’s ear, physical and mental. There are also crap attempts at earning a quick buck out of misused, abused music, which should just be put out of its (and our) misery. Last word: Jay Chou’s new album has made me very happy.


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